The Piano Academy “Incontri con il Maestro” of Imola obtained on March 1, 2019, by decree of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, the recognition that makes the qualifications issued to its students equivalent to the university degrees.It is a unicum in the Italian’s musical panorama.

A special technical-advisory commission from Miur-Mibac has analyzed the applications presented by the Academy of Imola, recognizing the equivalence of the three-year degree L-3 “Disciplines of the figurative arts of music, entertainment and fashion” and the master’s degree LM- 45 “Musicology and Musical Heritage”, for eight addresses: PIANO, FLUTE, VIOLIN, VIOLET, CELLO, GUITAR, CHAMBER MUSIC and COMPOSITION.

Article. 1, co. 102-107 of the 2013 Stability Law (Law 228/2012) has established a system of equivalences between the first and second level academic diplomas issued by the AFAM institutions and, respectively, the degree and master’s degree diplomas belonging to some classes, for the exclusive purpose of participation in public competitions.

The Academy of Imola was born thirty years ago as a private school and over time it has established itself at a prestigious level both nationally and internationally thanks to the results of the students who manage to live, almost entirely, the profession for which were formed. Given the difficulty of the type of profession, this figure stands out clearly in the world music education system.

The arrival of equivalence entails a valid training enhancement for students of the Imola school who will be able to qualify directly in Imola following the outcome of the three-year and master’s courses.

The specific features of the Academy’s historical activity are thus also confirmed and consolidated, first of all, the high entry selection of students through the instrumental test. The selective restriction made by the Academy is not intended to be an exclusion in terms of a barrier, but a sign of respect. Attention first of all to students who, to face such a complex profession as that of the musician, must have certain prerequisites, in jargon talents, without whom they would run the risk of not realizing themselves in the profession.

The MD of recognition of equivalence to the L-3 Degrees as well as to the LM-45 Magisterial Degrees highlights how it was possible to validate university training courses by the competent Ministry and the bodies responsible for technical supervision (CUN and ANVUR): in each program training presented to the attention of the MIUR-MIBAC Technical-Consultative Commission, the specific and historical specificity of the Academy of Imola has been preserved, in the subjects related to SSDs L-ART / 05 and L-ART / 07 (pertinent to the music field and show). At the same time, the required expansion, about theoretical/methodological and historical subjects, can be found in the SSDs of the essential and characterizing training activities.

For information on the regulations and on the methods of enrollment/admission and attendance to equivalent courses, consult the reference pages within the site respectively of the L-3 Bachelor’s Degree and the LM-45 Master’s Degree.


Equivalence Decree