Second cycle degree LM-45

The Imola Piano Academy obtained , by official decree of the Italian Education Ministry , Feb 2019, the recognizement which makes the Diplomas of the Accademia equivalent to university degree. It is a unique case in our country’s music scene.

A specific consulting committee analyzed the requests of Accademia Pianistica di Imola , recognizing the equivalence of the triennial degrees LM-45 “Discipline delle arti figurative della musica, dello spettacolo e della moda” for 8 placements: PIANOFORTE, FLUTE, VIOLIN, VIOLA, VIOLONCELLO, GUITAR, COMPOSITION, CHAMBER MUSIC.

The Imola Piano Academy was born thirty years ago as a private school and , as time passed by, it has become established at a high level in Italy and abroad , thanks to the students who manage to live out of the job they were educated for. These data , considering the difficulty of the profession, stands out in musical education worldwide.

This equivalence meant some valid advance in education for pupils from the Imolese school, who can get their official Diploma at the end of two or three year courses (biennial and triennial).
What the Academy did in its history is confermed by the high selection of students applying for admission exam, which are selected by an instrumental test. Restrictions aren’t meant to be an exclusion barricade, they’re meant to show respect. First of all, it’s all abot caring for the students who must have some prerequisites, called talent ,in order to face such a complex job, and without that talent they wouldn’t be able to achieve the profession.

The Ministerial decree about equivalence of degrees L-3, as well as master degrees (Lauree Magistrali) L 45, shows how validating university educational paths by the Italian Ministry and the related technical monitoring (CUN and ANVUR) can change things : each education plan presented in front of the Committee (MIUR-MIBAC, as official organs),has preserved the distinctiveness of Accademia di Imola and its history . In subjects related to SSD L-ART/05 and L-ART/07( for music and performing.), same amount of years, the extension we required regarding theory, method and history subjects is found in the essential and distinctive features of our education system.

Specific study plans , admission, registering and attendance will be posted soon.