Chamber Music

Nazzareno Carusi

The Triennial Advanced Chamber Music Course is for instrumental and vocal groups with or without pianoforte. Single students are accepted, they may possibly be combined together.
Under unquestionable judgement of the main teacher, a group (or one of its members, or single student ) may be admitted for a year of probation.
The study plan includes, every year, the preparation of a concert program, students’ participation to master classes held by guest teachers are mandatory.


The Admission exam is an audition, its program must include the performance of:
– a solo opera that is important for each member’s instrument,or for the single applicant ;
– an important Chamber opera.
In order to pass on to the following year, a passage test is required. It will include:
– Probation year
• A concert program to last at least 70 minutes.
– Ist triennial year
• A concert program to last at least 90 minutes.
– 2nd year triennal
• A concert program to last at least 90 minutes.
– 3rd year triennial – Final exam
• a concert program to last at least 90 minutes.
Pieces of music that have already been presented during the previous years may be used in the Final exam, but not more than one third.

Students are granted 1,5 class hours every monthly meeting, for a total of 12 class hours a year.
All the students’ presence is strongly recommended, even during classes not of their own.
The main teacher chooses programs and teaching methods and he/she may distance at any time those students who don’t show diligence and commitment (those will be refunded of a possible unused tuition fee).

– Each member of the group: € 1000 a year
The payment will be set as follows:
First fee expiring 15th October each academic year
Second fee expiring 15th February each academic year